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moneys are spent. then as you point out there's intelligence in the defense department and recent press reports about the defense clan destined service and the work with the c.i.a. i want to make sure the efforts are not redundant. i have had had conversation to make sure the efforts are integrated and complimentary because we have not have unnecessarily redundant capabilities, particularly in the environment we have on the fiscal front. >> this is an area that needs a lot of attention and oversight. i get concerned at times that the ic on one hand and d.o.d. on the other hand think they're coming from separate originators of funding and ultimately they have to be within the greater budget constraints. my time is running down. your background and most of you are expertise is on the ct side. clearly the challenge we have is we see emerging threats from parts of the world that were not on the front line, we see disruptions through the middle east, where perhaps in retroprospect we didn't have the right coverage on social media and the streets. how do we make sure we get within the fiscal
. that is, find him. >> the president and outgoing defense secretary leon panetta together again today. what about when this was happening? we got our answer yesterday. >> are you prized that the president of the united states never called you, secretary panetta, and said, how is it going? >> you know, normally in these situations, d. >> did he know the level of threat? >> let me finish the answer. we were deploying the forces. he knew we were deploying the forces. he was -- >> i hate to interrupt you. we didn't deploy any forces, did you -- >> the event was over by the time -- >> mr. secretary, you didn't know how long the attack would last. did you ever call him and say, mr. president, it looks like we don't have anything to get there anytime soon? >> the event was over before -- >> is lasted almost eight hours. my question to you is, during that eight hour period, did the president show any curiosity about, hough is this going, what kind of assets do you have helping these people? did he ever make that phone call? >> there is no question in my mind president of the united states was conce
the fedses are going on the defensive. a full report tonight on fox reports 7:00 eastern, 6:00 central. >>> the markets? well, they're down under a little bit tonight. came under heavy selling pressure, tumbling from a five-year high as traders worried about political uncertainty in the eurozone and watched energy prices sink yet again. some context. the dow roared because 14,000 last week but has retreated 133 so far today. >> then there's this before we wrap things up. we'll start at the end of this story. police in lincoln, nebraska, recently arrested a 19-year-old man on suspicion he drew marijuana. they made the arrest after they found equipment and pot used in grow operations in his home. why were the police in his home? because he let them in and why did he let them in? because he called police earlier in the day to report that two strangers forced their way into his home and stole two pipes. so just bring the cops in. what is this? this is my garden. smells a little different. stupid is as stupid does. see you back here tonight on fox report, and until then, have a great aft
in other areas, reasonable cuts, to replace the spending for our defense system. it was a very reasonable bill. they passed it. harry reid never even tack it up and the president didn't acknowledge it. but there are good ways to fix this problem without gutting our military. but we can't good back to where we were, where we're just adding all this spending back, along with the president's tax increases. >> you're saying basically the republicans should say, no, we're not going to do this, no more taxes? >> absolutely not. stewart. i'm not going to speak for the republicans anymore. but just speaking as a conservative, we have to get the president and the congress focused on, how can we cut spending and put ourself on a path to a balanced budget. if we don't start talking about a balanced budget and getting serious about it, you know what's going to happen and this movie will not end well. >> the congressional budget of office today protected the state of the economy. they said two things. number one, the deficit this year is going to come in lower trim dollars, the first time in the obama
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)